Darling Desperados

Darling Desperados was founded by Ulrika Malmgren & Katta Pålsson
We met at the Theater College in Malmö where we went in the same class 84-87. Pretty soon, we realized that it was exciting to start our own theater to search for our own style and expression.
We wanted to follow our dreams and change the way of doing art,
we decided to create our own way of theatre outside the mainstream industry.
Award-winning performances and important groundbreaking artwork have made the name a symbol for a way of avant-garde art that always look for collaborations with new technic, powerful stories, breakneck staging, cutting edge artists, and give a space for residency and artistic research in relation to an audience. Writing, directing and performing over 50 different original works for the stage and 15 shortmovies and touring internationally.
Our first production was a movie we made that was based on a piece about Marilyn Monroes last 30 seconds before the actual moment of death. Our decision that Darling Desperados should contain everything we wanted, movies, theater, music,  performance, exhibitions, clubs …  made it our playground & workplace for almost 25 years.
Since  2002, Ulrika is  a  Senior Lecturer at the Uniarts  Stockholm/ STDH / SKH.Katta has been the Head of Production at National Childrens’ Theatre Unga Klara 2011-2020.

On our website you can follow our trip through a selection of everything we have done .. so far! Welcome to comment, write your own memories or whatever you want in the comment field, we want this page to be alive and develop together with those of you who feel curious and maybe want to know more about something we’ve worked with as Darling Desperados.Dance, music, image, film, literature, theater, performance and immersive media.