THE ROAD is a multi-disciplinary performing arts project that brings together artists from South Africa, France and Sweden through 3D animations, virtual reality and live theatre.

Back In Stockholm after some touring

Melbourne Fringe Festival
Melbourne Australia
6-23 of October 2022

Her Story Festival Johannesburg South Africa 30 of July-7 of August

Reyjkjavik Fringe Festival
Reyjkjavik Iceland

30 of June -4 of July 2022

In November 2021 we performed at MINDELACT-
Cabo Verde

 Worldpremier 16/9 at
STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival

WINNER-Best Digital Experience 2021 Jury motivation STOFF-2021

“For embracing a hybrid format that fuses the digital notion & IRL in a way that embodies the festival´s “New Work For A New Reality” motto.
For delivering an engaging, immersive, highly technical and meaningful stage experience, without compromising on artistic quality”


Ulrika Malmgren, Nadia Qtet, Ney Liqa, Isi Dos Santos
Fares Qadri, Philisiwe Twijnstra, Franco Veloz, Alfons Wiberg, Matilda Hyttsten
Björn Vårsjö, Emelie Johansson, Kristian Nielsen, Jundi Majhul, Ali Hazara, Patrik Wiberg, Katta Pålsson

All music is from THE ROAD by Jundi Majhul

Ulrika Malmgren is a well known actor, artist, director & producer from Stockholm Sweden. She co-founded Darling Desperados in 1987. She is also an Assistant Professor at Stockholm University of the Arts since 2002. Ulrika has designed many of the most popular and highly qualified courses at the university, among others the International master programmes in new media and in acting. She is also the front figure and singer in a punk band Mögel since 1978.

Philisiwe Twijnstra is an international award winning South African actor, stage director, playwright and steering Committee member for AWPN. She resides in Durban. Ms Twijnstra is shortlisted for Short Story Day Africa (2021) for her short story ‘The girl name Uku/pha/za/mi/se/ka and ‘Little black Sandals’ was produced by Talisman Theatre Kenilworth UK on YouTube.

Franco Veloz is a filmmaker and animator from Buenos Aires, now based in Sweden. He combines different techniques when making film, illustration and animation. In Buenos Aires he made documentaries using participatory video techniques in schools, prisons and mental health hospitals, among other institutions. Franco also worked as director and animator of music videos and publicities.  In 2013 he made his first international feature-length documentary, Framtid Under Jord/Future Under Ground, filmed in Sweden and Argentina. In the year 2018 Franco moved to Sweden, where he studied the Master program in Film in Media -The Art of Impact – at Stockholm Dramatiska Högskola/Stockholm University of the arts. Johan’s roomis his graduation project was official Selected to IE shortfilmfestivalVästerås,Uppsala Shortfilmfestival.Winner Best short Indie Short Awards Buenos Aires.Currently working at Medialabbet at Kulturhuste Stadsteatern Skärholmen.

Fares Qadri is a film director and graphic designer.
With a background in art and visual communication, his most recent works are short films and documentaries. Master in Design and Visual Communication Konstfack, Master in Film in Media – The Art of Impact – at Stockholm University of the Arts. In his final project at Film Media SKH, Fares showed a 3D animated short film and an advanced timelap from Outer Areas in Sao Paulo. Previous work with Darling Desperados is an immersive media collaboration with Globala Gymnasiet. Works as a project manager and educator in the Media Lab at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen.

Jundi Majhul is a composer, music-producer and rapper from Syria based in France
His works include unique music production, selling beats, audio stamps and samples, along with teaching music production , all beside visuals content as film, shortfilm, television,  and performance.

Emelie Johansson has been working as a dancer, performer and actor since 1998 in a wide range of spaces, art genres and collaborations. Educated at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm (dance) and Stockholm University of the Arts (acting) as well as theoretical studies in Philosophy and Human Rights & Democracy work. During the years she has performed in musicals in large scale theaters, collaborated with Swedish choreographers such as Cristina Caprioli, Rasmus Ölme and Sanna Söderholm and with international performance artists Marina Abramovic and Tino Sehgal. Since 2019 she combines working as a Project manager at SITE in Farsta with freelancing as a performer.

Isi Dos Santos is a Set and Costume-designer. She is currently doing her Bachelor at Stockholm Uniarts in Technical Manager. She have been working at SVT and Unga Klara and as a tour manager for international tours in South Africa, China, Turkey, Cabo Verde and USA.

Björn Vårsjö is an actor and a dancer trained in London at The University of Arts UK and at Stockholm University of Arts. Björn has worked in multiple dance and theatre companies such as Danish Dance Theatre, Norrdans, The Royal Theatre of Denmark and Stockholms Stadsteater. He has performed on stages like the Kennedy Center in Washington, The Joyce in New York and National Theatre of China in Beijing. Through his career he has worked with choreographers and directors such as Itzik Gallili, Mats Ek, Tim Rushton, Falk Richter, Örjan Andersson and Maria Sid.

Ali Hazara is stage technician and have been working as an actor at Teater Interakt -Malmö
and Teater Albatross -Göteborg. Currently working as technician at Lumination of Sweden.

Nadia Qtet has been working with wellbeing and inclusive space sharing, she is an architect and spatial designer who works with emotional lighting, symbiotic spaces and trying to find how the new technologies could be adapted for a better experience. Her approach is experimental, she has been involved in projects of virtual reality, spatial storytelling, coexistence and interdependency.

Matilda Hyttsten holds a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack 2001-2003 and a Bachelor of Costume Design from Stockholm University School of Drama 2015-2017. She has since worked with performances such as Embraces, Galeasen 2018, Monsters and Gods, Orion Theater 2018, Landscape of I, Riksteatern 2017 and Farewell, Unga Klara 2017. Matilda has collaborated with Jens Ohlin and Hannes Meidal in several productions.

Kristian Nielsen started his career writing, acting and organizing as one of the core members of Teater Inkompetent in Helsingborg. He worked 7 years at Fredriksdalsteatern as Stage Manager with legendary Swedish comedian Eva Rydberg. Since 2003 he has managed different positions behind the stage for musicals and shows at Intiman, Oscarsteatern, Scalateatern and Unga Klara.

Ney Liqa     –   From Stockholm, NEY studied music, moving to London when she was 19 she started producing music herself. Her music has come a long way since her first EPs lofi and DIY qualities, her sound is now more mature, more refined. Having influences from a broad variety of genres like trip-hop, shoegaze and electronica the music lands somewhere in between these places, in its own right. Currently at her last year at LCC-Contemporay Media Cultures. Her “Fade to black”- an immersive music experience -visual playlist-changed the way we think about music.

Patrik Wiberg is an actor, writer located i Stockholm, Sweden. Educated at Malmö Theatre Academy 1992-95 and has worked in multiple theatre companies around Sweden such as Riksteatern, Östgötateatern, Helsingborgs stadsteater, Teater Tribunalen, Byteatern, Skånska teatern, Ung Scen Öst and Unga Klara amongst others. Patrik also has a BachelorDegree of Behavioral science and is combining his work as an actor with Studies to become an Psychoterapist at The Swedish Institut of Cognitive Psychoteraphy. Patrik has also worked within the moviebiz.

Katta Pålsson is an actor, artist, director & producer. She co-founded Darling Desperados in 1987. She has also been a lead producer for 10 years for Unga Klara, Sweden’s National Scene for Children and Adult with world leading research and artistic approaches in new fields, tours and collaborations internationally. Her Master in Film and Media “Art of Impact” led her to work with VR, AR and 360 film as new art forms of exploration. Her exam project THE WALK is invited to Australia.

P always take the bus to work, but one day everything is different.
A global pandemic puts everyone’s living conditions at its peak and life on and around the bus will never be the same again.
How will we survive when our loved ones die?
Who can we trust?
Can we find comfort and help in each other or are we hopelessly lost in grief and hatred?
After all, do we dare to fall in love again and hope for a future?

Based on Darling Desperado’s concept, the South African playwright Philisiwe Twijnstra has written the story THE ROAD, which revolves around four characters whose life stories are woven together into life and death.

THE ROAD is about how we humans live and survive based on our different conditions and living conditions around the globe. How our lives in the long run are connected – whether we want to or not.

The show can be seen both live and online.

All music is from THE ROAD by Jundi Majhul
Presented with support from Kulturrådet,Konstnärsnämnden.